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Originally Posted by themartinfarm View Post
My Thyroid labs show that I am Hypothyroid. Understandable since I've gained weight... I've tried different meds & always done best on Armour. Each time I've had a Dr switch me to something else I have felt hypo, gained weight, ect. The Armour was hard to get about a year & 1/2 ago so the Dr switched me.
So, I buy meds "elsewhere"... Not to get into detail. Anyhow, I talked to the Pharmacy the other day & they can order me the Armour. So, I called the office for a prescription, just had labs done 2 weeks ago. My Dr doesn't want to switch me. I'm trying not to be difficult but I told the nurse that I'm not willing to go back on the Levothyroxine... I hated having to admit I get my meds elsewhere... So, the nurse is going to talk to the Dr but it looks like I'll have to see another Dr or something... ugh...
Also, I asked the other day about another pain med, the nurse said nothing & I hate to push. How do you find a Pain Clinic? Do you need a referral?
Tori, my mother is going through the same thing as you..Been on the levo and still feeling the hypo symptoms and the labs are showing normal levels of thyroid hormone. I finally told her its time to put your foot down with our NP and tell her you want to switch to Armour. She was terrified that our NP would be upset. Marianne thought it was a great idea and gave her a RX right then and there..I believe one needs to be proactive and suggest and discuss alternative therapies when traditional is not working. If your doctor is resistant to change, fire her/him. Get one who will..when I first started seeing my NP I told her what worked for me and what didn't and what meds I wanted to be on..We have been best pals ever since. And she and I are even friends on a social networking website..It is your body..I hope that things work out. My mom got Armour at the pharmacy we go to for 8 dollars..And it is a natural product. Sometimes synthetics just stop working..Good luck honey. And hope you and yours are well xoxoxoxo
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