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Re: having nighmares about abusive xhusband.

That happened to me, too, although my Ex wasn't quite as bad as yours. Even 8 years after the divorce, living 1,000 miles away and married to a wonderful man, I'd wake up in the middle of a nightmare that my Ex was in the house. I'd have to reach out and pat my dear husband and remind myself where we were! A co-worker who divorced an abusive man told me she also had those nightmares.

If yours are like mine, they'll fade over time and you'll have fewer of them. It takes a long time to recover from an abusive relationship, even with a supportive family and a good career, both of which I had. You don't really realize what it was doing to your brain till you get away. My mother says I'm a different person now. I hope that happens for you, too.