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Has anyone ever been scared about hitting someone while driving?

Hi all,

I suffer from OCD and my latest obsession is about accidentally hitting soemone in my car without knowing it. I am so afraid I killed someone and I will go to jail. Anyway this obsession has triggered worries about an incident that happened a year ago. I was driving to work and the sun was so low in the sky I couldn't see anything in front of me. So I drove really slowly and as carfeully as I could. Anyhow, it didn't even cross my mind that I may of hit someone. I was actually worried about going blind because I looked into the sun. I haven't thought about this incident until now. I didn't hear or feel anything that may have caused me to believe I hit someone but I am still obssessing over this. Even at slow speeds I would feel or hear something right? Then I think... maybe my radio was too loud and I didn't hear anything. wILL THIS THOUGHT EVER END?? I am so scared. Does anyone else worry about this?

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