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Re: Hand Tremor / Symptoms of TMJ Disorder Help!

The only symptoms I have outside the TMJD are the tremors and my blood platelets have a slightly below normal count of 124 or so. My doc says it's Low/Normal but it's been that way for more than 6 months now. My normal temperature is strangely 97.6 when it used to be 98.6. Don't know if that has anything to do with anything. I think too much maybe and the stress of worrying is causing my body to react??
Originally Posted by irogue View Post
Reading your symptoms felt like I was writing the message, except for the age. I'm 45.

Everything that has been described has been me for the last 6 months.

It all started with a sharp pain in my left jaw once in awhile. In a few weeks it was:

Misaligned teeth.
Chattering front teeth.
Sensitivity to cool temperatures where my jaw spasms all over the place
Tremors / trembling through my body.
Bad Tinnitus
Occasional Vertigo
Numbness in face and tension headache.
Knotted muscles in back and neck; a lot of trigger points
Sore jaws

I've done the bite splint therapy and the only thing that seems solved is the tinnitus (thank the maker). My TMJ joints are OK. This is muscular. There are many times I think the TMJD is a symptom of something else and not the cause. Neurologist says essential tremor or myopathy possibly viral. I do have elevated Adolase levels and a year earlier had liver issues and had a slight positive test result on an auto-immune hep test.

I wish and pray that this all would go away as its made life miserable and at times unbearable.

If you are still out there, please keep in touch to let us know how things go. If I learn anything about myself, I will post also.