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Question In need of some advice??

I do not really know how to start this off or anything so I guess I will start with the questions I have. I am wondering what exactly does a pain management doctor do and what types of questions should I ask? I have a bulging disc in my back, I do not understand exactly how to read the CT scan or anything but it says its the L-5,S-1?? I am not sure if that is right?? It also says something about spinal stenosis and also degenerative disc disease. The issues with my back started 2 years ago when I had my daughter. My hips shifted, and never corrected so now one is slightly higher than the other which caused a sciatic nerve to be compressed in my back. I do not know if this meant I had a bulging disc all along or did I developed the bulging disc later. I used to be able to manage the pain with Naproxen. Well now things are so bad I can no longer stand for long periods of time, walk for long periods of time, I cant go to the bathroom correctly, those are just a few of the problems among many, I have to take 1-2 5mg Lortabs every 4-6 hours. The doctor I went to was nice enough to give me enough to last until my appointment. I feel as if someone is taking my spine and twisiting it and I feel as if someone is taking a hammer and nail to my left hip (but that is weird because the doctor says I should feel it more on my right but I do not). It took my forever to find a doctor who would listen to me because my PCP who was treating my sciatica moved. Every doctor would tell me I just pulled a muscle that was why the pain was worse. Finally though I found a doctor that did a CT scan and found the bulging disc. He is truly amazing and he reffered me to a pain management doctor. He also told me they can not do surgery because of the nerve it sits on in my spine. I am worried that I will have this pain for the rest of my life which worries me because I am only 24 years old and also because of my age I feel some doctors do not take me seriously. I have lost hope though because two doctors have told me there is nothing really they can do but treat the pain. I do not want to be dependent on meds or back injections to gain relief from this pain all of my life. Will the pain management doctor explain other options?? Will I have this pain forever?? Most of all what I want out of all of this is some answers. I just want to know if there are any alternatives besides meds and injections. Will the disc ever correct itself?? I am just so confused?? Sorry this was so long, if any of you have any advice it would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks.

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