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Re: In need of some advice??

Thanks for your advice. I went to the pain management doctor and he told me some startling news. He said the bulging disc in my back is not significant enough to cause the pain that I am having. He says he feel I may have osteoarthritis because of the pain in my hips and he says that it can cause spinal stenosis. He also said that it could be torn tissue in my spine. He ordered an MRI because he said it will show better. I really just want a definite answer. I thought that I had one but now know that is not the case anymore. I know I am in real pain, I just do not know the cause and that is so frustrating. Then I am scared because I am thinking osteoarthritis?? I am 24 years old is that even possible?? Another thing that scares me is what if they find nothing and I will never know why I am having this pain. I know I am not imagining it. Hell the doctor just moved my legs around in weird postions to what caused me pain and what didnt. Although it didnt seem to cause that much pain intially now I can not even walk. I do not know what he did but the pain is outrageous. It hurts to sit or stand. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the answers I seek with the MRI. I am damned either way though cause if it is one of those two things that poses more questions and pain for my life. If it comes back that there is nothing then I am going to be left wondering why I am in pain? I will accept any I just really want an answer.