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My family is just too much

I look at my immediate family and it is so evident to me as to why I developed severe depressive disorder 11 yrs ago and could not deal with "abuse" in a normal way, or my health problems for all that matters. I'm angry. The last thing I want to be is anything like them. I'm going to end up moving out of state and I'm not going to come back.

Where do I begin?? My oldest sister is bipolar. She's a hoe in every sense of the word, very selfish, her and her husband both give their 16 year old son pot and alcohol. They gave pot to my nephew recently and he was sent home being high like that, he had an allergic reaction and was going into what I believe shock while trying to drive home. He could have died. He is a big boy (21), he's old enough to make his own decisions, but I am still so angry at her for doing this. She snorts lortab daily. She let my 16 yr old neice snort it with her. When I went to her house for thanksgiving dinner, she was trying to give my nephew liquor, and I told her no, he had to drive my daughter & I home, well as soon as we went outside to leave, she lets him guzzle it down. To make matters worse, my father died from a drug overdose (angel dust) drowing in a creek when I was about 9 yrs old. So how did stupid hit her so bad, is beyond me. Her husband fondled my neice, he failed a lie detector to prove otherwise.

My twin sister, 6 kids, no job, too stupid to know what birth control means, with every kid she had, she was neglectant toward them, she never showed her kids the kind of love a mother should show a child. She had 3 kids, got married and had 3 more. The husband is so strict, that these kids couldn't take a pea or make a sandwich without him giving them the okay. Sitting in a corner from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. My neice's hair was tied to her waist so she wouldn't move while looking up in the air and holding her leg up while she was made to excessively stand in the corner for long periods of time. They made her eat mustard and fed her even while puking from it. He burned her with a match. She said he tried to put his hands down her pants. A tv show was going to let us go on, give him a lie detector, to prove this one way or the other, my sister and her husband refused to do it. He's been on drugs, they smoke pot, he's so lazy all he wants to do is lay around every day and smoke that crap, and cry I'm disabled when he's not. Will not work, they sponge from DHHR. My sister is now in school taking classes, I mean it took long enough after 21 years with kids. He's left bruises all over them. Her son's had excessive days of school missed staying home babysitting. Both ended up dropping out. I've called CPS, I alerted the school, they've called CPS, when they saw bruising, all these two have to do is make up some dumb excuse and they get out of everything. Now they've had a bolder hit their trailer, I'm thinking the place they are living is just unsafe at this point for the kids.

My mom took her 3 oldest kids, and I helped that happen. But she has lived hell since.

My nephew (twin sister's son), I believe he was born a sociopath. He has threatened to kill since he was old enough to walk. A while back, he was threatening to kill my mom again, and we've already had him in riverpark for this stuff, and I told him stop or I'd file a mental hygeine on him. He got scared, moved out of her house, but he bought a gun and threatened to bring it out here so I socked a restraining order on him. He's a thief, he lies, he pees on himself during the night, he will make horrific lies on someone regardless of how it affects them. Like he blamed a family member for trying to molest him, and it was so he could move back here, cause his mom sent him away and he was crying when he came in to visit, saying no one wanted him, and was threatening to kill himself, and all that, well I proved 100% that he was lying about this other family member. And he will tell you the guy never actually touched him, that he was just rubbing his leg and wanting to, but that's nothing to the sick stuff he told once before. It was without a doubt a lie.

My neice is bisexual now. Pretty much open her legs up to you if you just beg her a little while, doesn't matter if she wants to or not. I always loved this kid to death but we cannot get along lately because of the way she's acting. She's getting high all the time, she's also a thief, steels stuff from her own family. Maybe I'm too judgemental on her, but I think what she is doing is just nasty and disgusting, and it hurts me to see her this way. She even had a thing going on with her cousin for along time. My mom wouldn't let them put him in jail though he was of age, he got off on provation charges and will be known as a sexual offender the rest of his life. This is the kid that said my brother in law tried to put his hands on her, and said my other brother in law did. Now with these stories, both are very likely to be true.

My mom, she is not someone I want to say anything about, but it just gets me how she is always complaining about all this stuff, but yet, she will not do one thing to change it. She's let those kids by with everything, she lets them cuss her and treat her like a dog, and takes it, and talks like if she died tomorrow, it would be no big deal, but she won't stick her foot down and do anything. She did not like it when I put a restraining order on my nephew. She does not like it if my nephew tells her my neice is getting high or whatever, she looks at it as a putdown toward her, doesn't want to here it. If I tell her things I know, she gets mad.

They want me to overlook this stuff and not say anything, that is very hard to do. I am always considered sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. With my neice, I try to talk some sense into her but it does no good. I'm looked at like I'm a dog because I can't accept her being Bi. And it really isn't a gay issue, she is so slutty. I would never say that to her face, but it's true.

It might take me a couple of years, but I honestly can't wait to move away from here.

Next holiday family gathering, I will not go, I know my mom will blow spit balls out over this but I cannot stand the thoughts of being around them (not her, just the rest of them).

The only immediate family member I have with any sense is my brother, he left when he was 18 and joined the military for 20 yrs. The smartest thing he ever did was leave.

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