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Re: Anyone recover from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)?

I am new here also, I have been told that I have BPPV I have had it for over 8 weeks I have to say it has eased up some but I know its still there. I tried those exercises and they really made me worse in fact I hurt my neck one time I tried them.
I went to my ENT and he said I had a bacterial infection that could have caused this and put me on Biaxcin which is an antibiotic for the infection and told me to do the exercises, I also have tubes in both of my ears at the time the BPPV started one of my tubes fell out and the Dr said this could have caused the infection.
Well the antibiotic didnt help the problem so I went to the allegist and he put me on a steriod for nine days and he gave me antivan for the dizziness well I think really it just takes a LOT of time for this to go away I read a lot about this and meds sometimes help but sometimes they dont.
I noticed when I am overly tired the symptoms really kick up, all I can say is from what I read it does go away but when is the question I just hope this doesnt come back