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callaginous colitis

I met with my doctor yesterday and received my diagnosis. I have callaginous colitis. This is the most unwell known form of colitis, only recently discovered in the last few decades. It, like UC has no known cure or cause. The drugs most commonly used to treat UC have no positive effect and often a negative effect on this form of colitis. It has taken a total of 2 months to finally receive this information, to find out what I have.

So I've researched, talked to the doc. So far all I know is spicy foods ill-advised, caffeine not so good for some, no pain pills except tylenol/acedominiphine, high fiber not great, does not cause or lead to colon cancer. So, I'm eating more binding foods and the doctor has me on a pepto-bismal regiment for a while, 3 pills, 3 times daily. Also recommended using Immodium. I have starting adding supplements, like Omega-3, B-Complex, and Align pro-biotic to my daily Multivitimin. There aren't many case studies on this form of colitis, so in a sense I'm becoming my own case study, trying to find something that works.

Anyone out there in this board have this form of colitis?

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