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Acne sufferer for 12 years

I knew I was going through puberty when I received my first pimple on my chin in 3rd grade. Now I regret popping it because it left a huge scar on my chin that's still there as of today. Over the years my acne gone from bad to just plain ugly. Not only did I have it on my face but it was on my back too. My acne was so horrible that it started to affect my social life. As the years went on I started to get the bad benefits of acne. My acne left horrible scars and since my skin is so sensitive I started to get acne acid. I hated high school, it seemed as if all the girls there had perfect skin I mean literally just perfect.

So I started my journey to get clear skin and it seemed like nothing worked. I tried going to a dermatologist, expensive brands, television brands, celebrity brands, over the counter brands, homemade brands and the more I try things the more I realized nothing worked and my confidence in my skin & self started to go down. Now I'm very excited because i'm hoping to find a cure and not a solution for acne sufferers. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

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