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Originally Posted by writeleft View Post
May I ask a few questions about what kinds of things you do basically every night, or is it night? Are you eating out, sharing dinners, cooking, meeting up at a bar, what kinds of things are you doing together? I imaging you must live fairly close together, or are missing a lot of sleep.
We live about 15 minutes from each other so its not hard for us to get together. We mostly study a lot, but we also go out to eat, go for walks, and sometimes just get coffee. We also work together so sometimes we are studying all day and then go to work at night. He's a runner so he's getting me into that too. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to keep up with him, lol!

Originally Posted by resolution09 View Post
writeleft: Ditto. Not 8 years but otherwise ditto.

It's funny because in the first 6 months I was excited that this relationship would follow "normal" patterns and maybe be the one. The fact that he can't name it makes me assume it means nothing but friendship. I can't be alone in feeling that way.

MsConfused: It's up to you. Figure this out for us. We'll be reading along.
That's what freaks me out because he is much more than a friend to me, but what if that is what he thinks? But then we are always together and usually it is his idea to hang out so I'm very confused.

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