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Re: Stryker Triathalon

I've had my stryker triathalon knee replacement Sept. 8. 2007 and I am sorry to say it is still killing me. I've gone back to my Ortho 4x...xrays done, but showed nothing, everything is in place..yet I have no ROM...cannot bend it enough to get into the drivers side without opening the door all the way and first putting my butt on the counsel to get the leg in.(all done in pain)....cannot sit at a table or in a booth without first sliding in and then dragging in the leg... It will not go back under my seat I have to sit with it stretched out while sitting in a tight seat. I am so tired of the stiffness..and I do understand it will be stiff somewhat...but when I bend it back, (as trying to get it into the car)..the pain at one certain point is excrutiating! I've told my Ortho all this..but he just seems to think nothing of I am thinking of going to see another specialist. Has anyone else had this much pain? I too have the movement when walking and clicking..and sometimes...this is my left knee....when I lie in bed on my side, and put my knee down on the inside of the knee...there is a terrible pain there. My Ortho once told me it was probably bursitis. I am just so dissatisfied with this knee...and after 4 yrs., I still can't ride a all!!! Frustrating. I would appreciate any input anyone else would have for me and advice as to what I do next. Thanks!!!!