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Re: Adult taking ADHD Medication and have a ? PLEASE

Generic adderall is cheaper. I really like the effects.

Please start with low dosage, and DO NOT start with high dosage. Even though I am a tall person, 5 mg does me well. I am able to concentrate and deal with my work professionally.

I hear somepeople are started with 10, 15, or 20. I mean the doctor knows best, but if you are not a 100% convinced that you have ADHD, then take it easy. Try low, and see how you feel. If nothing, then increase your dosage, up to what the doctor has allowed.

I am NOT a doctor, but from my experience, adderall does give a little boost in confidence, primarily because you can concentrate in your work. once you observe your capabilities, then your confidence increases. But I only take adderall when I have to do work. You do not take adderall casually around the house(e.g. laundry, or clean dishes).
Also, adderall may help you enjoy the music that you like. It gives a euphoria effect. Try music with headphones.

I wish you the best.