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Re: Bladder Neck incision (TUIP)


This is my first time posting. I guess I'm turning to this type of forum because of a need for some type of support, understanding, hope, and comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences and have are doing better or have tried other things that have helped their symptoms simliar to my own.

I recently had a bladder neck incision on March 1, 2011. Leading up to the surgery, I experienced frequent urination and difficulty urinating. For a long time, I thought my difficulty urinating was due to a bashful bladder. I would urinate at night, 6-8 times and sometimes 25+ times in a day. Urinating in public places would be sometimes next to impossible. Even in the comforts of my own home I would stand for 5-10 minutes before starting a stream. I was on numerous medications from terazosin, oxybutnin, flomax, rapaflo, uroxatrol, etc. to help with these symptoms. I received very little relief from these medications. The decision for surgery was easy. I had urodynamics done which indicated the TUIP surgery would provide relief.

Post TUIP recovery has been very difficult. One good thing is that I can urinate on command; public places, home are no longer a problem. However, the feeling of having to uriniate is present all the time. I had a frequent urniation problem before the TUIP surgery and now I REALLY have a frequent urination problem. I feel like I could go all day if I wanted to. I try to hold it so I am not giving in to my urges all day. I keep telling myself that things will get better and this type of surgery causes this reaction. My urologist thought I would be doing much better, but also agrees that it can take longer for the bladder to calm down due to the nature of this type of procedure.

I currently take 2 oxybutnin er once a day and some Ibprofen for the pain. I have another urology appointment this week and have started acupuncture treatments. I feel more comfortable when sitting, although do get sore in the pelvic area after long periods of time. I enjoy running and lifting weights, but any movement, especially when attempting to jog, is next to impossible because of the strong urge to urinate.

I could write all day on this topic, but will not go on at this point. I've had a range of emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness. Thanks for reading. Look forward to anyone who can share their experiences and/or advice.