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Re: Post Tonsillectomy: coughing, hiccups, severe ear pain!! HELP!

I'm going through the same ear pain. I'm on day seven post-op and it sucks! The best this that helped me was buying a humidifier and eating plenty of ice chips. I noticed when I'm not hydrated my ears start to burn! I've also read that it isn't our ears that are inflamed but our throats that are in pain and it just feels like our ears are being burned. So try the ice/ice water combination and see if that helps.

If you're wondering what to eat, I mostly ate ice chips for the first few days. I had to stay away from ice cream because for some reason the sugar burned my throat but I was able to eat pudding and extremely soggy french toast minus the cinnamon and sugar and syrup. I also ate cream of wheat which kind of gets stuck in your throat but if you make it creamy enough you can pretty much just drink it. It allows you to get some nutrients like iron and fiber so you've at least eaten something. Oh and milk has been a life saver. I drink it when I'm taking my medicine to ease my stomach pains that the medicine causes.

Good luck to everyone! These message boards are a great help! I turned to them when my doctor said, "yea the pain is expected" but he never had a tonsillectomy so he doesn't know what we're going through!