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Re: Excessive oily skin

Blotting sheets, blotting sheets, blotting sheets! These things are lifesavers and truly are what work best for me. I go through them very fast, but they are a must have for me. I highly recommend the little blue blotting sheets that Clean & Clear makes. They're about $5 and you just wipe up the oil on your skin with them. I have used blotting papers and they help too, but the blue plastic-like sheets work much better for me. I might see a tiny bit of my foundation come off, but it doesn't mess it up at all.

I went on the pill and my skin was slightly less oily and I wasn't breaking out as bad. I also used to overuse acne products and put those 10% benzoyl peroxide creams all over my face. Bad idea! It backfired and my skin got even more oily. Now I just use a gentle gel face wash, which still gets my makeup off and gets the oil away without overdrying, and I use a moisturizing acne treatment by Neutrogena (from their acne stress control line), just in my acne-prone areas. Then I use a light moisturizer around my eyes. The moisturizing acne product does help control some oil, but I still need to use those sheets, especially around lunch time. I make sure to buy makeup that will work for my combination skin, since some comes off very easily on oily areas (if that happens, I keep some makeup in my purse for a mid-day touch-up). It all sounds pretty basic, but my skin has been much better than when I used way too many harsh products.

I have used some oil control products and none of them made a big difference for me, so I just use regular ones for now that treat mild acne, more to prevent it since I occasionally will break out from stress/hormones. If you haven't used any though, definitely look into it and give them a try. And the $5 blotting sheets are very much worth it! Some places even make a generic version of them (Walgreens or CVS does) and they work well too.