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Re: LGMD - fingers going limp and unable to grip

Hi Yogaman,

I CANNOT believe you mentioned LGMD1G !!! - I came across an article about type 1G myself about a year ago. I searched the internet for days for any info on that particular type. I collected every piece of data I could find, and brought it to my MD doctor. He agreed that my clinical symptoms fit LGMD1G almost perfectly. I even see in my old notes that I highlighted "chromosome location 4p21".

However, at this time the specific gene is unidentified so there is no test available. And I think there have only been a very few patients. The type LGMD1G was actually assigned to a group of 12 individuals within a family of Brazilian-Caucasians in 2004. But it's still at the top of my list if a teast ever becomes available.

If I learn anything new on 1G I'll post it here.

Take care,


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