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Lingering issues from coma 9 years ago?

Hello, My question is this- what would a doctor be able to do if my memory problems are the result of brain injury? And, should I be concerned about this, could something be getting worse after 9 years? I suffered a concussion a year ago but did not go to doctor. I was in a level 8 coma 9 years ago, after which I had to re-learn math. I don't remember much, I was fifteen at the time, it was a coma from a suicide attempt of 18,000 mg seriquil (greatfull to be alive). I don't think I received proper care, I was taken by Child protective services 6 months later, I don't remember how my brain worked before that but I have memory problems that are really starting to get in the way of daily life. I don't think I had follow-up after being released from hospital, I just got my medical records, that's how I found out that it was such a serious injury, I'm waiting on records from the ICU I was trasfered to to see if it says more. Thanks for any advice. I don't have insurance or I would just go to the doctor.

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