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Re: HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, please explain???

topsy123, the common name is plaquenil and it is for the pain of Sjogrens. The ANA will show inflamation and the Schrimers test will show positive for Sjogrens not Lupus. Sjogrens effects the mucosal membranes and soft tissues, mouth, eyes, intestines, kidneys, heart. You need to be consistent with seeing an opthamologist for testing your eyes, it can cause some damage. Only use eye drops that are preservative free. I take a low dose of Plaquenil daily and the pain has lessoned but some days the pain is unbearable usually due to stress. Although there is little known about Sjogrens it is a very common autoimmune syndrome usually brought on by a virus. The symptoms vary with everyone but some very common are dry mouth, tooth loss, dry eyes, and a rash. Hope this helps.

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