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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

K Lana, If your children are freaked out by a the BK amputation how do they feel about your not being able to lead a normal, active life? How young are they?

I can see why your ROM would be important with the karate and your other activities. All I want to do is walk around and be able to drive again because we live in a rural area and I value my independence. Also, my husband and I enjoy travel and I do not want to be restricted. Last summer we went to car shows and cruise- in our Shelby Cobra.

I"m sorry about the RSD and know little about it, although a friend was successfully treated for it several years ago and it never returned.

From what I understand about BK amputations, there is a way that surgeons can cushion the remaining part so that phantom pain can be eliminated.

I see my surgeon in a couple of weeks for a CT scan and have an appointment for a second opinion from another well respected orthopedic surgeon.