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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

Originally Posted by K_Lana View Post
Hi ClaudiaJane,

Mt OS here does the Etyl procedure and they are all physically active now and running, etc. One is doing triathlons. My issue right now is family acceptance. I am having a hard time with that. I also worry about the rsd spreading or being so bad that I won't be able to wear a prosthesis. But, no matter what I do it could spread...
Good luck with your decision. How does your family feel?
K Lana, My husband is very supportive in whatever decision I make. I am fortunate that he has such an open attitude. We have no children but I am an "adopted" grandma to two young boys (5 and 7) who live nearby. They are very matter of fact about my injury, and sometimes use my walker to "play Claudia" which is amusing.

One of our cats had his tail amputated by the vet, and they asked why he had no tail. I said "because Earl Grey was sick and the doctor had to cut his tail off to make him well again." They agreed that it's good that the cat can be well and run around and play again.