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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation


Good luck with your second opinion.

My kids are 10-19. Some would do okay, I have one daughter that I know would be freaked by it. SHe said that was one of her biggest fears. But in time, I think they would deal with it. It's more my husband I worry about. He is just not on board at all.

The ertl amputation makes a bone bridge, but with rsd, I'm just not sure how much the nerves can handle. I have some time to think about it though. Right now I'm still on antibiotics for osteomyelitis in my tibia from my external fixator from the last surgery. So nothing can be done until that is healed. Then I have to wait for the rsd to calm down and in June I'm seeing a geneticist for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which could also contribute to my decision making of replacement vs. amputation. Then I see my rheumatologist and then finally in June my OS to discuss this all. Hopefully by then things will be back on track and I'll have some more answers. I just feel like my life is being wasted by all this waiting though. Last summer I spent on the couch with the external fixator on and missed the pool and beach. I can't travel with my husband or really take any type of vacation with the family right now. I can't even go shopping with my girls. I want a normal life where I could walk at Disney World, shop with my kids, go on vacation with my husband, and walk. I would love to be able to walk without pain.

Keep me updated about your appts. It is great your family is supportive. That makes it SO much easier.