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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

Hello Kris

You can call me Claudia; the Jane part is only the addition of my middle name and I added it when they already had Claudias on this forum.

I hope your RSD problem gets resolved as soon as possible. My friend who had it said it was terrible, she still has scars on her legs this many years later. Her boyfriend happened to catch a taxi in San Francisco with someone who was an expert on the condition and because of that chance incident she is free of it and has been for years. Ah, so many things happen to us and not altogether by chance, don't you think?

I am 65 years old, recently retired, and didn't feel old at all until my accident. My husband and have been very active up until now. So I do not have time to waste with surgeries which are a higher risk the older you get.

How did you injure your foot? Mine was crushed by the car's engine, which came through the fire wall, in a bad auto accident.

I do hope that your husband will become more accepting of the situation and think more along the lines of my spouse.

Today was actually spring-like weather after an unusually long and cold winter where we live. I was able to out for pleasure for a change in a multi-stop day, instead of just another doctor's appointment. IGreat for the morale but I'm bone tired now!

I arranged with my surgeon's office of records to fax over all my Xrays, operation descriptions and office visit summaries to the 2nd opinion orthopedic surgeon this afternoon. After she reviews them her secretary will call me to make an appointment if she feels she can be of help. At least she isn't wasting money unncessarily.


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