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Re: The day to day struggles of dyslexia

My saving grace took the form of my public school bring in a computer (back in the early 80s they where next to unheard of in the classroom), I found that though I couldn't write to save my life (back then) give me a keyboard and I had next to no issues with the writing side of things.

Then in university, I got almost all my course books on tape from the Canadian National Instatue for the Blind (CNIB) they where a life saver. I love to read, but things like text books and other material which has lots of long words that I can not piece out are beyond me in most regards (if I can't sound a word out I just can't make sense of it and if a word doesn't look familure I can't even begin to spell it).

Not sure what is open where you are or at what level your child is at with dyslexia, but maybe reading to him and getting him to commit words and images to memory might help him.