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Need help, teen always worrying about health

Hi everyone,

I'm here to ask for a little help. I wouldn't say I worry to extremes, but I do worry mildly all the time about things like cancer, for example. In the past, say 3-5 months, I have worried about things like thyroid nodules, as I thought I could feel one and was reassured with a blood test. Leukemia, as I had little pains everywhere and I believed my glands were swollen when they actually weren't, once again I was reassured by my GP. Currently though, I keep thinking that there is a fair possibility of having a brain tumor. I get mild headaches occasionally (3 times a week, but now have been absent for a week+), slightly lightheaded all the time (fairly mild, but slightly worse when sitting still, eg. lookoing at my computer for 6-10 hours a day) , and some little muscle twitches that last for around 3 seconds. My headaches tend to be at the front and back of my had, and are quite dull but mainly non-throbbing. The pain rating is probably around a 2-4/10.

My family and friends think I'm a complete idiot, and are starting to dislike me more and more as I annoy them with questions about my little ailments.

Help me please. I would love an experienced opinion. I need to get on with my life and regain my strong and healthy relationships with close friends and family.

Thanks, Alex.

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