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Re: question about script a week early cause of pulled teeth

the other point and not mentioned, is that major dental procedures, like having an entire row of teeth pulled, involve sedation "over and beyond" the level of narcotics to which she is tolerant. This makes it a potentially lethal risk, and honestly quite stupid, to self medicate by taking more than prescribed "of anything" without her physician's supervision. Respiratory complications and accidental overdoses are quite real scenarios - especially in the elderly population with multiple medical conditions and requiring a higher level of specialty care. I'm glad your grandmother is okay and now worrying about running out early, but I really hope you have explained to her the seriousness of using her own discretion in upping her meds without discussing it beforehand with her doctor. She is lucky to be alive and may not be as fortunate if she does this again.

As mentioned by others, it is a very real possibility your grandmother could be discharged as a chronic pain patient. The Pain Management contract most of us are required to sign should have been explained in detail to your grandmother when she was accepted as a CP patient. Most CP specialty physicians have little understanding with a patient's failure to comply.