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Pain under right rib cage- only at night!

Hi I've been having pain under my right rib cage that either starts late at night and comes on quickly or i'll wake from my sleep in agony. If I nap during the day I never wake up in pain. The pain is like i'm being stabbed but also stitch like. When i'm in pain I find it difficult to take deep breaths, i'm quite gassy and feel constipated although i'm not. The last time I had it (which has been a lot recently) I had nausea and felt dizzy. Hot baths give me some relief and it feels like I need to put pressure on the area although this hurts. Stretching also gives relief for about a second. I usually end up pacing as I can't sit still. The pain usually lasts about 5 hours and then it will quite quickly subside enough so that I can go to sleep. When I wake up again the pain is gone. During the days I feel mildly sore in the area but will never have the stabbing pain. Also, the pain will either start with back ache or will start under my rib cage and then move to my back. Sometimes my whole back hurts, sometimes it's my upper back, sometimes my lower back. It's hard to describe the pain when i'm not feeling it. i went to my doctors who said that he didn't know what it was but that it could be plurisy. I don't think it's plurisy. He gave me some co-codemol but they along with paracetemol and neurofen don't work. What do you think this could be? gallbladder, IBS, muscle spasm?? Is there any kind of relief that might work that could help indicate what this pain is? Thank You!!

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