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Do I need to carry straws and bibs with me from now on?

Hey Guys,

I have basically been crying non stop for the past couple of days, I have simply had enough, and no longer know how to deal with anything. I know there are people out there a lot worse off than I am, so I may just be whining as usual, but I am just so incredibly tired right now.

My shoulders have been bothering me for quite a while, on a good day my entire upper back and neck (from below my shoulder blades to just below the base of my scull) are just tense, but on a bad day I will have pain in that entire area as well as in my rotator cuffs, and deltoids. The past couple of days have been a couple of those days. I know what caused the sudden aggravation, but it doesn't make it any easier, as my husband inadvertently caused it. Every year we volunteer at an event where people with different disabilities can try out different outdoor activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, sit down water skiing you name it. My husband's job was to help people on and off the jet skis, it was the second year in a row. My husband an the other guys have continuously asked my to try a ride, and even though I am all about speed, I do not trust my core enough to not just collapse an send me flying into the water. In addition to that, I was also afraid of hurting my shoulders by having to hold on. I never said this to anyone as I always assumed that a no i s a no. Well apparently these guys, including my husband, thought my no was based on vanity, and I was more or less bullied onto the jetski on Saturday. (I know I could have refused, but causing a scene would probably not have been a good idea). My core held out, I was only afraid of falling off once, but when we were done my hands were pretty much just stuck in the grip I had used to hold on to the guy's life west.

OK fast forward to a few minutes after the trip. I am back at my "station" (I was in charge of sun safety). A friend of mine brought me a bottle of water, and when I finally managed to get it open, I was unable to lift my arm high enough for me to drink out of it, and instead the water was all over me, the shoulder simply collapsed for lack of a better term. Thankfully no one saw me, but it just knocked me down, do I need to bring straws, bibs, and changes of clothes along from now on when I go somewhere?

I did a lot of thinking before I confronted my husband with what had happened, in some ways it was his fault as he did not respect my no, but he had no malicious intent. I am doing my best to not be angry with him, and I don't think I am, but I am disappointed that he did not stand up for me when I said a no, but instead joined the choir. We have been together for 14 years and you would think that by now he should be able to tell the difference between a no based on vanitiy, or a no based on fear. I guess he is still a little too dense for that. I spoke to my Dr's nurse about something unrelated Yesterday, but also asked her how many otc pain killers I could safely take as the amounts listed on the bottles don't even scratch the surface. She told me to come in tomorrow, I told her that I am pretty sure there is nothing they can do, but she wants to make sure there is no structural damage that can be corrected.

I'll go for now, I know I am probably blowing this way out of proportions, but since my shoulders always hurt in some way or another, this did not have to happen.

Sorry for complaining again


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