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Re: Would having endometriosis make you more susceptible to illness?

I also believe that Endo can cause other illnesses. Endo can be blamed for IBS, IC, Gastro intestinal problems and other issues. It depends on where your Endo implants are as to what problems you may have. I haven't had a period since 2005, and I'm a surgical menopause patient but every month for about a week I still feel very bloated, no apitite at all and massive pain. The body still creates estrogen to a point because there are other organs that still create small doses. IDK if there will ever be a cure for Endo but I do know it is considered a auto immune disease and it has been stated by oncologist that Endo is more complex to work on than cancer because no one really knows how far into the tissue the endo runs or where else it could be hiding. Endo implants can be anywhere blood travels such as the lungs, heart, brain, liver, bowel, and the skin in some cases. So its really no surprise that everyone gets sick often with this disease.