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Re: Do I need to carry straws and bibs with me from now on?

Hey P,

So much of your tale sounds like stuff I have lived through. I understand, believe me!

I can relate especially on a few points:

1) My shoulders ache all the time now. It's not MD pain but secondary because of the stress I put on them climbing stairs and getting out of chairs. There's just no muscle around the joints anymore (nor on my knees). The joint takes all the punishment and stress. They throb at night sometimes.

2) I don't need straws yet but I've had to make so many little tools like a handle to open my dishwasher, a lift strap to get my legs in the car, long handled tools to put my clothes on, etc. It seems every month there's a new obstacle. Luckily I'm an engineer at heart (and by trade) and I always visualize some tool that I can make to help me continue with everyday little things.

3) I am one that keeps frustrations bottled up. Once and a while I end up snapping at my wife or kids. Then I feel terrible but I TOTALLY understand that sometimes THEY don't understand how hard, embarrassing or tiring an activity can be. They insist that I go to a party, picnic or out to eat when I may not feel up to it that day.

Hang in there