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Exclamation This Isn't Abuse But I need Help and advice.

So,I was kicked out of my house 4 weeks ago and was at a shelter, while I was at the shelter I met this girl who liked me and I liked her to. So we became couples. After we got out of the shelter like 2 weeks later we were still in contact over the phone because she lived 3 city's away, so i couldn't see her. Like 2 weeks into our relationship she starts telling me that she is having big family problems and is going to move to Oklahoma in a couple of months. So then the next day she tells me she isn't ready for a relationship.I was sad because I was really looking forward to a commitment, so I call her the next day and she doesn't want to talk to me. I email her and she doesn't reply. She said she felt sorry because she felt she let me down but I told her I understood and didn't want to pressure her into anything so I was cool about it even though I was sad. But I don't understand why she doesn't answer my phone calls or email me back, I haven't disrespected her. At least I think she should tell me "I don't want to talk to you and it was nice to know you", But she just left me on the spot without any notice. I dunno I need advice.Should I just forget about her or keep trying to see if she is O.K, If I try to forget about her It will be painful because we both were really attached. I would just want to know if she still wants me in her life or not. Thanks for your'e time on reading this, Any advise good or bad would be appreciated on, have a nice day or night.

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