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Re: Cervical Fusion Surgery???

Originally Posted by Raeann View Post
Yep sounds like that's exactly what you need. I just had my surgery 2/21/11. It's not as bad as it sounds. I was in the hospital one night and was released the next morning. I had two herniated discs though and the pain was unbearable prior to the surgery. I coudn't lift my right arm and the shooting pain plus numbness and tingling were making me crazy. This was from the compression of the nerve that the discs were compressing.

They went in through the front of my neck, about a 3 inch incision. My neuro said it will heal faster going in that way rather than the back and it has healed completely. A very fine line scar is in the crease of my neck. Basically no pain from the surgery, they gave me one of those morphine button things to push but I didn't need it. I was really surprised at the whole procedure, it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be and I was in a panic the night before, LOL.

I feel two thousand percent better and am typing this from work. I was off 3 weeks, couldn't drive for the first two weeks, wore a neck brace 24/7 (that sucked, hard to sleep) for two weeks. Now the brace is off and I wear an insurance covered bone fusion stimulator 4 hours a day, I even wear it at work. It just sits around your neck like a large necklace and sends magnetic pulses to your neck. No noise, can't feel it, no big deal.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
it sounds like you got along good i slept in recliner 5 nights i had sore throat about 4 days and couldnt eat food for 4 weeks i am now starting to eat now but my pain is unbearable i have still left and right arm numbness cant get myself out of the bed which i could before surgery feels like someone is standing on my shoulders and they are incision however looks great..heling good having xrays april 26th guess i will no then..something just isnt right dont know what...feels like nerves are still pinched..myname is michelle glad your doing good