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Re: Has anyone ever been scared about hitting someone while driving?

Originally Posted by vic003 View Post
Hi all,

I suffer from OCD and my latest obsession is about accidentally hitting soemone in my car without knowing it. I am so afraid I killed someone and I will go to jail. Anyway this obsession has triggered worries about an incident that happened a year ago. I was driving to work and the sun was so low in the sky I couldn't see anything in front of me. So I drove really slowly and as carfeully as I could. Anyhow, it didn't even cross my mind that I may of hit someone. I was actually worried about going blind because I looked into the sun. I haven't thought about this incident until now. I didn't hear or feel anything that may have caused me to believe I hit someone but I am still obssessing over this. Even at slow speeds I would feel or hear something right? Then I think... maybe my radio was too loud and I didn't hear anything. wILL THIS THOUGHT EVER END?? I am so scared. Does anyone else worry about this?
Hi there
I used to have the same OCD. Here are 5 Driving Tips that could be help you
1. Use the time to quietly focus on your breathing as your car is warming up if you’re in a cold-weather area.
2. Listen to a stress release Cd - I am using “ Driving the enlightened way ” by Stephan Niemen - and engage your senses within the experience—notice and release tension in your body, pay attention to the sights around you, hear the sounds of passing traffic.
3. Practice focusing on one thing at a time—your hands on the steering wheel, for example. Give it your complete attention. If your thoughts wander, come back to that one thing.
4. When you see a red light or a stop sign, smile at it because it’s helping you return to the present moment. It’s not the enemy—it’s a reminder to slow down and be where you are.
5. Visualize your car as a physical extension of yourself. This may help you feel more grounded in the moment, and it may also help you drive more safely and defensively.

Good luck and stay strong. You are not alone.

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