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Originally Posted by marisuela View Post
YES.... I had terribly blurry vision in my left eye shortly following the surgery, and it lasted for several months. It totally freaked me out! I was certain I'd made a horrible mistake and that I would be needing adjustments or that I would be doomed to wearing contacts and glasses forever! I just KNEW that the doctor had screwed up and that they did it wrong, and that I'd spent all that money for nothing, etc.....

Turns out, it does take a good 2-6 months for eyes to fully heal after lasik! Nobody ever mentioned that to me, so I just assumed it didn't work right. I also had very dry eyes and needed to use LOTS of tears (I found the Walmart brand of artificial tears worked as well or better than the expensive stuff).... nobody ever mentioned that dry eyes can cause blurry vision, either! You'd think that would be common sense, but when it comes to eyes, panic happens a lot faster, and is a much stronger emotion than common sense!
You don't know how much peace these two paragraphs have given me. I'm about 2 1/2 months out from my surgery and I feel as though I'm having problems with blurry vision in my right eye. The worries you described sound like me... The doctor says my vision is perfect, and I am functioning. My right eye just drives me crazy feeling "off". Sometimes it is more noticeable than other times.(Actually my left eye is the weaker of the two, but my right eye is the one that feels off. It's strange how your eyes compensate for slight weakness)

What you said though, just resonated so well with me. I think whenever my eyes are really bothering me and I'm really doubting my decision I'm going to come here and re-read your post. THANK YOU!!!

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