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18 mo, leukemia?

I am posting this out of concern for my 18 month old nephew.

HE's had what I concisder (but, FYI, I'm sort of a bit on the hypochondriac, anxious, paranoid side) some alarming symptoms

1. he woke up one morning last week with some dried up blood on his face
(assuming a bloody nose had occurred while sleeping/in crib)

2. he has had a constant/near constant running nose for about 3 weeks now

3. he's had an on and off again fever for the same amount of time...3 weeks...tht can be controlled by tylenol.

The running nose/fever is not an EVERY DAY gets "better" for a day or a few, and then next thing I know, i ask my sister and "it's back again"

4. He seems "thinner" a's hard to say, though, but it seems he's lost a bit of weight. also observed that on those fevery/running nose days, he has no desire to eat (well, go figure, he's ill)

On days he feels/acts well, he eats just fine/heatlhy

5. Has had what was first diagnosed 2 weeks ago as HIVES (went to urgent care, told "viral infection" and that could be cause as he also at this time had that running nose/fever I speak of above) and given a steroid medication.

HE takes the steroid, the hives go away.

Sis calls TODAY, hives are back.

She's getting WORRIED....and quite frankly, so am I.

I INSISTED she got his blod drawn aSAP.

thoughts? any other ideas as to what this can be? what would you do as his parent?

Shoot me stright, please, and be honest.

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