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Re: Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?

Interesting ideas about the vagus nerve. I just have a feeling that when I begin food digestion, I get all these weird feelings. I did have this previously and attributed it to the iodine die used during testing. After I discovered that I had iodine in my multi-vitamin, I switched vitamins to have one without and began to feel much better. I even had thyroid testing because they thought my thyroid was off. Turned out it was after affects from the iodine die. No more iodine die for me.

I don't have any dietary restrictions really. I eat pretty much what I want because one day it makes me feel terrible and the next day I'm fine with it - salad for example - one day bad, a week later, just fine.

Yes, I think I need to go for an overall checkup and do some blood work.