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Re: Hard painless lump on leg above left knee

Hey, I'm pretty sure what I have is an osteochondroma. I've thought it was an osteochondroma from various google searches but this is the first thing I've seen that is an exact match pretty much. I'm 20, I've always had a bump on my right leg above the knee cap but more leaning to the outside of my leg slightly. It's hard as a rock, could probably take a bullet for me, anyways...

I've always wanted to have it checked out but have been too scared plus it's always seemed like a bad time to lay it on my family because I'm still on their insurance, but I plan on getting it checked out soon enough because I'm tired of not knowing for sure what it is.

So anyways if you could answer a couple questions that would be awesome just to calm my nerves a bit.

I just want to know how did it all go? Did the fact that your son hid it for a while cause any complications with insurance? Also should I expect for my family to fork out a whole lot of money? Also, how long did the diagnosis take? Was it weeks for blood tests and such or was the x ray the end of the story?

Thanks in advance.