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Red face My BP Numbers. Lexapro, Androgel, too much Coffee Causing my High BP?

Here are my last numbers:
154/85 66
138.84 66
147/85 63
124/84 58
141/86 57
123/87 49
148/89 55
150/92 53
144/84 59
128/81 56

Notice how nice and low my pulse is?
When I was in the doctors office last week I had Tachardia and rapid heart beats over 110 BPM during an EKG and my BP was spiking high. He believes this is anxiety related because I recently stopped taking my lexapro. Also that day of the EKG I drank 6 espressos! Which I no longer do, lol
I suffer with anxiety and panic. I did a little experiment. If I dont drink the one cup of coffee in the morning, I am about 10 points lower. The higer numbers are after that one cup of coffee. these numbers are from the last 3 days in which I was off and home. When I am in my office working, on the phones, in meeting etc I notice the bottom number can often times be 90 to 95.
I have seen improvements with being on 200 mg of COQ10 for 2 weeks now. I am also awaitting for Hibiscus Tea to arrive in the mail.
I started back on my Lexapro last week after stopping, so that also may be contributing to the improvements.
The wild card here is I am taking androgel (testerone) for low T which can raise BP. So the Doc is not sure what the problem was, coffee, Testosterone, stopping the Lexapro, or a combination of all 3.
But I am improving.

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