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Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

Hi....I had a laproscopic gastric bypass almost 7 years ago(May 17,2004).I followed my surgeons' advice to the letter and was quite sucessful with the weightloss.I lost almost 100 pounds in 9 months,and have lost a total of 200 pounds.I,too,still have food issues.I can eat just about anything I want or like,however..."What went down easily yesterday will make me sick today" is my mantra.There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.For example:I can eat a piece of chicken today,and tomorrow have a leftover piece,and then here come the"tumbles" to the bathroom,it comes up alot faster than it went down! The odd thing is,I know when it's not going to be mouth waters,my new little tummy gets what I call the tumbles,and then,up it comes.This doesn't happen nearly as often as it did in the months following surgery,but it still happens occassionally.AS for the vitamins,I am now borderline anemic,and short on B-12,so I take a perscription strengh iron supplement and give my own B-12 injections every 2 weeks.B-12 levels have improved,but ferritin levels are slower to improve.Would I do it again? Yes,in a heartbeat.It saved my life.