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nervous about ritalin and drug testing

This is my first post. First i want to say hello to all. I have been reading the health boards and the site is very imformative. thank you.

here is my story , i hope this helps.

I have been a law enforcement officer for the past 10 years. ever since i been on the job, i have had many add issues, like interupting people while they talk, losing some focus when someone talks to me, however when it comes to doing police work, i am very good what i do, i just cant take promotional tests beecasue i cannot study or remember what i studied. i easily get bored and my mind wanders when it comes to studying. I often feel lethargic and my wife of 15 years tells me that i drift off when she talks to me or that i dont listen to her. my kids sometimes talk to me and i sometimes do not listen or dont want to hear it. I want the family life to approve and i certainly want to move up the ranks in my job. i recently saw my doctor and he wants to put me on 10mg of ritalin. my job radomly drug tests me, hair and urine and i am afraid my job will find out and fire me. I really want to move up the ranks but dont know if i could. I would like to know anyone that has any information on ritalin, most people say no it cannot be detected and some say it can. I recently contacted the lab that does the urine and hair anaylses and they told me that ritalin does not show up on the test. i called twice and both times they told me ritalin does not show up. I dont know if they are telling me the truth or brushing me off the phone, plus i dont trust my job not to fire me. i called a third time and they asked me what agency i worked for, i told them and then they told me they werent allowed to tell me after they told me previously.

Is ritalin an amphetamine? does anyone have any knowledge of this type of situation drug testing? if my job finds out that i am add/adhd can they fire me? restrict me?

Please help.

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