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Re: Small rash on penis

Originally Posted by Bob652 View Post
Your plan sounds reasonable. The skin needs time to rebuild itself. If you keep messing with it, you rub off the new skin that is trying to grow. If it does not get better after using the cream and holding off on masturbation, you may want to go back to the doctor and let him know that it is still not better.

Good luck to you.
Well, I had a physical yesterday and I had my doctor look at it. He said it looks like a scar that is close to healing up.

While I trust my doctor, I'm not entirely sure it's a scar, because it sounds to me like it would hurt (which it doesn't) if it was a scar.

I'm convinced it's a skin irritation, but is there any chance it could be a male yeast infection? The reason I don't think it is, is because I can see where it's trying to heal up, and I don't think I'd be like that with a yeast infection. But I really can't distinquish between the two, because I've read descriptions online of people with the same issue as me and some will call it a skin irriation, while some people say it's a male yeast infection. Some clarification on the differences between the two would be nice.

I've managed to cut back on masturbation a little, but I honestly don't think I can go without masturbating for a significant portion of time. That, and I'm 100% sure that I can't avoid getting multiple erections in a day.

I'm starting to think that my only cure would be to tape my hands behind my back and wear a blindfold for a month.

That being said, is there anything I can do to stop myself from masturbating for a month? Because I think that's the only way it will heal up, and if that doesn't work, IDK what will.