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Re: does my husband have bipolar?

Originally Posted by mrsochoa5 View Post
Hello, I'm sure every twenty year old wife thinks that about her twenty one year old husband sometimes, but I'm being serious. My husband has had a lot of issues in his past and I am not a doctor nor do I have experience with any bipolar people, so I decided to find a blog and ask people who might recognize these symptoms he has. Okay let me start off to say I have been with my husband since I was 14yrs old, he was 15 and right off I noticed he was different then other boys our age, his parent never really cared much for him just his two brother and two sisters, he was as you can call it "the black sheep" of the family. I noticed that made him very angry and he seemed to always do anything to get attention at school and he'd rebel at his home. I learned later he was diagnosed with add, he is now still on medication for that but I wonder if its the adhd or the neglect he experienced as a child or if he has bipolar disorder, that makes him act out like this. Okay let me now explain his symptoms. On his adhd pill he is normal, on some days, not all days. On the days he is not normal he will say mean things to random people at anytime, even at work, he has lost jobs because of it. Also it seems like me or my children have to walk on egg shells around him so we won't upset him, upset meaning he will randomly be angry or cry. Also it seems as if he has no control of his actions and I am afraid he will end up in trouble over these outragous behaviors. So let me recap on these symptoms and hopefully I can have some good opinions on this. Its like one week he's a perfectly normal person then the next week he has anger one minute then extremly happy the next, will lass out at random people with hurtfull words, me or my children can't say something to him without him taking it the wrong way and him getting angry or very sensitive and crying. Please let me know if this is adhd related or if it Seems like bipolar disorder. Also after his adhd pill wears off which is after 12 hours he tends to act like I described above also, on some days we are lucky though and he will be normal with no aggression or sadness, its so confusing, can someone help me understand this? Thank you.
I think it takes a good number of hours of the individual talking with a professional to get a good diagnosis. Even then, that is really all a professional can provide, a "good diagnosis", meaning that that diagnosis might not be necessarily correct. It just isn't as an exact of a science as perhaps finding a lump, doing a biopsy and then making a diagnosis of cancer. My wife has all the symptoms of someone who has bipolar II, and yet her doctor told me there is a chance she isn't bipolar. However, he told me she has a mental illness and so they treat it as bipolar as that is the label she best fits under.

Whatever his condition, it does sounds as though he does need to seek professional help. He could have a mental illness or he could just have a very short fuse for his temper, either way, talking with a doctor and getting the required medication and/or therapy would probably help both his situation and that of his family, friends and coworkers. Good luck.