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Question possible infection after calc. surgery. incision cleaning

I am sorry to repost this but since I wrote this I have more serious concerns than cleaning. I tried to edit but I guess i was past the editing deadline so i just copied and pasted. I hope there is someone that can help. I was advised a few day ago to soak bandages in distilled water with sea salt, let dry and apply to incision and this is supposed to help heal incision, but i want to talk to dr first and what he thinks. Please read on and see if you can help.

Last wed. i went to dr. and had stitches removed 5 wks after calcaneul surg. They did not clean but did place steri strips. Thur was a little bit of blood, incision had slightly opened due to swelling. Went to dr checked, bandaged and ace wrapped says change dressing daily come back in 10 days to be cleaned. What do they do during this process? Will it hurt? Will they remove steri strips? Also it is still oozing a little bit its like a clear orangish color, he gave me anti-biotics "just in case". I have never had any other surgeries other than laproscopic, so this is sorta freakin me out. Just went and picked up antibiotic hope I am just being paranoid, can anyone please give me some advice?? I am getting worried, the man down the street lost his leg from infection. I am too young for all of this and my mind wont stop stirring.

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