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Re: sexual/control/mental issues ? not sure - please help

Sarah & I B&P,

First off, to I B&P - CONGRATULATIONS ON 38 YEARS !!!! Truly wonderful accomplishment in this and age. Like I said b4 , I hope you have many years of true happiness in front of you

Thanks for your responses- You both seem to agree with eachother on the physical abuse issues, and you're right that I need to get out of here asap. I'm gonna try responding to you both here, I hope I don't leave something out LOL.

As for some place to go, our church and school district are swarmed with ppl he knows, and I wouldn't dare risk any of them informing him of my plans. It's a small community, and as much as I like to say- that church bound ppl don't gossip- well in our community THEY DO( sad but true). I did place a call yesterday, to a local support type place- but the one I was looking for was out for the day- it wasn't an immediate emergency so I told them I could wait till sometime today for a call back. As for welfare- they won't help until I'm physically out of his house- that's where I hope the other agency will be of assistance to us. I'm trying to do this with as little disruption to the kids as possible- and the only shelters they have are in another county. There really isn't much in our county, but there is help available in surrounding counties ( I would just have to have a physical address in- said county )- we are on the border of like 3 cnty's .

My daughter can't really help- at least not long term- as she lives in a studio apt - but it's an emergency option just the same. As for counseling, my youngest goes to one already b/c he has learning disabilities- so I know we're good there. As for myself and the other child, I will seek it , when I know he won't be able to stop me. If he where to find out that I was one place ( ie. counseling ) and had said that I was at ( dr. - bio-feedback ) - I would fear the rage that would be provoked by that - I can't take that chance right now. I truly don't believe that he would physically harm us- as he is the type of person that is more concerned with what others think of him- like I had said that he never shows his true colors to the outside world- but in the same breath I do know that some ppl snap- and believe me I'm watching everything he's doing/ or how he's acting . I will be out of here , with the Lords help - I do hope it's soon. Thank you both again for your advise- and compassion for me and my family. I totally appreciate all the everyone has offered, and am looking into possibilities for us. Keep your fingers crossed that the agency calls and that we start to ball rolling in our favor.
Thanks again, C

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