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Re: possible infection after calc. surgery. incision cleaning

Hi Justtlc,

I'm sorry to hear of your problem. I recently had a calcaneal osteotomy and it is worrisome enough without having to deal with an infection. My advice to you is to call your doctor as much as you need to in order to understand the process and become comfortable. You've just been through a major surgery and peace of mind will aid in the healing process. I went through a horrible ordeal with pain and a possible DVT. I was even hospitalized. I called the docs office nearly every day. I was very worried about being such a bother to them but they were very reassuring that it is important to call if you have questions or concerns. It's your body and you have every right to take care of it.

As far as the infection goes, I have not had one resulting from surgery but have had infections resulting from cuts and burst blood blisters. As with any infection, if you see red lines travelling up from the wound, call your doctor immediately. That can indicate the infection is spreading. This happened to me and I went to the ER because I as travelling. They give me an IV antibiotic for a half hour and then sent me home with a script for antibiotics. Infection cleared up in 24 hours.

When I had an infection after a scrape, the doctor removed any scabbing, cleaned the wound, and then wrote me a script for antibiotics. The infection went away very quickly.

Best of luck to you and I urge you to call your doc. That's what they are there for!