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Re: Successful Ablation for AVNRT

Ok so I am a Newbie here! I just had ablation 04/25/11 which was Monday I am still healing, but so far so good! I do have large bruises on my legs, and occasionally feel a lil foggy but all in all feel ok! The doc says that it was a success and I have to say it was kind of a scarey procedure but I did do my homework and got the best electrophysiologist in my area and he is the best! like I said so far so good goin on my 5th day I did have to stay in the hospital one night and the nurses were absolutely wonderful at Christiana Hospital in DE and I had a few pvc in the hospital but nothing since just tryen to get back to normal! Bc I have a 2 year old and 11 year old who keep me busy but my wonderful husband took off this week to tAKE CARE OF ME! Well just wanna say that I waited so long to make my decision and have had svt since 10 years old and i am 32 now I tried the med route Toprol xl AND I still had episodes fastest was 268bpm had to call paramedics which gave me adenosine to stop it, I was on Toprol xl for almost 2 1/2 years it really was bad when i was pregnant and thats the first time they caught it on a monitor! I read so many failed ablations and all the bad stuff then I stated looking in the successful ones is what swayed me to get it done plus being so tired and worn out from the heart and the toprol that put the xtra 30 ponds on me too but u know what I will work it off at the gym I am med free right now and svt free as well I just pray that all is well and that I can loose this weight and the heart stay right and just be happy and be able to play with my baby's and not b tired out! Special thanks to my doc brian sarter and all the staff at christiana hospital!

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