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Any HPV experts-your response greatly appreciated

I am needing some closure, very bothered because still facing uncertainty. I would appreciate anyone's response who feels they have become very knowledgeable on HPV through their own direct experience or through medical expertise.

Several months ago I was tested after "exposure" for all stds. Fast forward a few months and I was tested again for all stds per the gyno's request as is required by standard procedure.

I have been doing the gardasil and asked the gyno if she could also test for hpv as well, given it is so prevalent. Her response confused and scared me. "Not to say that gardasil necessarily prevents hpv, but we can't test for hpv until your next pap smear. and right now your insurance doesn't cover the hpv test.There's really nothing we can do if you have it...50% of women get it by age 50 and it just comes and goes by itself."

This sent me into a frenzy...I originally tested with another gyno because i lived somewhere else and started worrying that maybe the first gyno also hadn't screened me for hpv (I hear you have to request it directly, not part of routine) because of insurance issues. Called them and they said since the pap smear had all come back normal, and there were no harmful cells, etc, they had NOT done an hpv culture!

Does this mean that I'm not cleared for HPV 100%? That IF I did catch HPV from my last sexual encounter, it may not very well show up (warts or cancer, for example) until my pap smear in a year??? i want to make sure i didn't get anything from that partner, and my current gyno's response isn't helping me rule that out.

Does HPV involve a time cycle like HIV where you have no guarantees, need to monitor it for 6 months to a year to be conclusive about it? Help..

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