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Re: HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, please explain???

Originally Posted by VeeJ View Post
Fibro, I heated up, too, one hour after, like clockwork. Persisted about a year, then stopped. I felt bilious at first: luckily that faded much faster. Hope you settle in soon. Take care, Vee

Veej, how long did it take for you Plaquenil to take effect for you? I'm just over 6 weeks into it and I don't think it's kicked in just yet. I started out with Prednisone at 20 mg and it was working extremely well. I felt great!!! Best I've felt in over 20 years since I first started to get sick. Then after a month he cut the dosage in half and wanted me to go down to 5 mg. He suggested a 10 mg one day and 5 the next and sort of back and forth until I can stay at 5. It's not working out too well and I'm feeling pretty much like I did before Pred. It's sad. That month was really great while it lasted. My doctor is leaving the practice and I'll be seeing someone new. I don't go back until June 28th. I have a huge problem with inflammation and I'm wondering if Plaquenil will effect that? Did it for you?
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