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Re: HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, please explain???

Originally Posted by VeeJ View Post
Fibro, I felt effects quickly, then quite a bit by 2-3 months. Since then, I've been on a plateau. I still hurt & get tired episodically, but to subtantially lesser degrees than before. I'm actually more weather-sensitive now, but that may also be age (I'm 11 years older now). Best of all, some of my worst problems completely disappeared (migraines, chronic urinary & GI problems, neuro-like tingling, anemia).

I imagine Prednisone gave you a bigger "boost". I never took it, so I never got to compare the effects of Prednisone vs. Plaquenil. That may explain the sense of let-down you're feeling...?

Plaquenil is definitely supposed to help inflammation. If it's not helping fast enough, you could discuss with new rheumatologist. Maybe he'll consider a slightly stronger dose of steroids, or maybe suggest that you augment Plaquenil with just OTC NSAID's. Why not call his office & ask? Beats being msierable! Wishing you faster improvement, Vee
Hi Veej. I started Prednisone in February and for a month I felt on top of the world. I've been sick for so many years and there has been NO relief at all. Finally the doctor put me on Pred at 20mg. Took about 2 days for me to feel better and I was a different person. I could move without too much trouble. I left alive again. The results were dramatic but after the month was up he cut the dosage in half and added Plaquenil. He had blood work done before I started Pred and then two weeks later. It had dropped my SED rate by about 30 points but it was still high. I felt sure he would leave me on that dosage for another month or so waiting for Plaquenil to kick in but he cut the dosage and now wants me to go to 5 mg and he said to do 10 mg one day and 5 the next... This is just killer. I'm thinking what I might do is call the office and leave a message or send a fax or something and ask if he can raise the dosage for another month or two until I can feel the effects of Plaquenil. Don't know if he will or not but I'm in a bad way now. The OTC things quit on me years ago. I have Hydrocodone and it helps to some degree. My joints all hurt again...spent the day today in bed. I'm just back to square one and I hoped I was on a better road than this after that one month when I felt so good. It's just not fair. By the way, I'm on 400 mg of that an average dosage?
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