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Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it

Hi Linda! I see we have some things in common, including both living in QC.

I had a stroke in March of last year. It happened during my sleep and I woke up with my right side very numb from my shoulder to my toes. I went to the ER and was kept in the hospital for 4 days and given every test possible. No cause for my stroke was found however.

The doctors here didn't think I needed physiotherapy...
Mine didn't really say much about it either, but after I got home and read on the net it was necessary, I called around to the hospital and the CLSC but the waiting list was too long, due to patients being taken in order of priority, which makes sense. I found a physiotherapist at a private clinic. I can tell you that the physio is what made me - one year later - recovered nearly 100%.

I suggest you might do the same. It's only been one month since your stroke and I know just how you feel. I too was scared, depressed and filled with anxiety (also dizzy, disoriented and exhausted) but now it's very difficult to tell I ever had a stroke. It will get better!

Hope this helps a bit!